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Billing Cycle

The Authority Board of Commissioners and Staff strive to do their best to keep the authority service charges to a minimum without sacrificing service or environmental compliance. Since 1999 the Authority has decreased the authority rates three times which is unheard of in today's economic climate. The Authority will continue to strive to lower or at least stabilize the rates in the future.

Your Authority Bill:

Currently the Authority sends out quarterly authority bills every February, May, August and November. Authority service payments are due before the last day of the billing month. 


If paying by check please reference your account number on your check. There will be a charge of $35.00 for checks returned for insufficient funds.

Late Payment Procedure:

Any invoice unpaid after thirty (30) days of presentation shall be classified delinquent. Interest of 1-1/2 % per month will be charged to any unpaid balances. 

Current Authority Service Rates for 2014:

Residential - $95.00 per quarter
Veterans & Disable - $ 92.50 per quarter
Senior Citizens - $ 85.50 per quarter
Commercial and Industrial Rates - $95.00 per quarter same as residential PLUS seventy-two cents (0.72) per pound for excess loadings