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Q: If I have a problem with my sewer backing up at the curb or in my downstairs plumbing
fixtures who do I contact?

A: Call the Authority business office between 7:00am - 3:30pm at 856-467-1650 Ext. 110. After hours, holidays and weekends call the Logan Twp. Police at 856-467-0061 and they will contact the Authority staff immediately.

Q: If I do not receive a sewer bill?
A: Call the Authority business office at 856-467-1650 Ext. 110.

Q: What method of payment do you accept?
A: Check, cash, money order (Credit or Debit Cards online only).

Q: Do you handle issues relating to trash, recyclables, snow removal and storm sewer?
A: No, but you can contact the Logan Twp. public works department at 856-467-0859 .

Q: Does the Authority handle issues relating to the drinking water too?
A: No, but you can call New Jersey American Water Company call center at 800-652-6987.

Q: If my sewer cleanout plug is broken or missing who is responsible to repair or replace?
A: The owner of the property, if you would like to fix or replace the cleanout plug yourself, you can purchase parts needed at the local hardware store or any home repair center. * The Authority does offer a service to repair or replace for a cost. If interested call 856-467-1650 Ext. 116 and speak with Mr. Chris Whalen.

Q: Why would I see green colored flags on my lawn?
A: New Jersey One Call has notified the Authority that a contractor needs to dig in the area. * If you would like additional information about the GREEN flags only you may call the Authority at 856-467-1650 Ext. 116 and speak with Mr. Chris Whalen.