Welcome Letter From Superintendent

Welcome to the neighborhood,

As the Licensed Operator & Superintendent of the Logan Township Municipal Utilities Authority, a one-time resident of Logan, and a mindful tax-payer, I’m deeply committed to holding the LTMUA to a superior standard of, “Working towards a cleaner environment”. This quote means treating the wastewater in the safest, most cost-effective way so our rate payers and environment are not hindered in any way.

In 1977 I moved to Greenfields in Logan, I started Kindergarten at Logan Elementary when it was still in the Township Municipal building. My schooling took me from Nehaunsey in Gibbstown when Logan rented the school building to St. James High School in Carneys Point, where I graduated in 1995. I’m happily married to my best friend Amy of 12 years and we have two exceptional children, Sarah 10 and Owen 5. We look forward to family vacations and sporting events. My personal enjoyment comes from riding my motorcycle, working in the yard, and spending time with my family and friends.  

My career with the MUA began in the summer of 1997, at that time there were a total of five staff members and I was one of them, hired as a Laborer. In this position, I pushed a lawnmower and weed whacked the grounds of the MUA along with other hands on jobs. This very well may be where my enjoyment for yard work began, both at home and work. My willingness to learn earned me a completely new position as a Laboratory Technician/Operator. This is where it really began for me, I found my niche. I learned how to test water samples, adjust chemical levels to treat the sewage, and work with a variety of people from the hauled in waste portion of the position. I thoroughly looked forward to coming to work each day, so I began classes and obtained my C3, Collections License in August of 2005. December 2005, I earned my S3, Sewer License, and August of 2006, I completed classes for the N3, Industrial License.

After learning the plants full treatment process and earning various licenses, I was promoted to Chief Operator. As Logan continued to grow with commercial and industrial buildings, this required the MUA to treat more sewage and hire more people. Soon after I was promoted to Operations Supervisor. In this position I oversaw the day-to-day operations of the plants treatment from start to finish, I also Supervised other Operators in the lab. Gaining even more responsibility, learning how to manage employees, and being involved in the MUA’s finances, and again, with Logan’s growth, I was promoted to Superintendent in March of 2012. In this position my job functions include, overseeing every aspect of the MUA both administratively and operationally.

I’m in the process of obtaining my S4 License which is the highest a plant can be rated for wastewater.

I guess you can say I followed in the footsteps of my father, Gary Whalen. My father was the Manager of Operations for the Gloucester County Utilities Authority from 1977 until retirement in 2008. He was also the part-time Executive Director for the LTMUA in the 1980’s, he left shortly before 1990 and was asked to come back in 1999. My father was the part-time Executive Director until 2011. During my fathers’ time at the MUA, he began what would turn into a lucrative avenue for the MUA, allowing septic companies to empty in our plant.

Currently the MUA is under construction for plant expansion which will modify the amount of wastewater we process. Right now, we can treat up-to two million gallons of wastewater. Once the expansion is complete, we will be able to process 2.5 million gallons. Along with the plant expansion, I am extremely proud to say we have been accident free for the last 19 years and counting. When I first started in 1997, I made safety my unspoken platform. Every staff member of the MUA completes safety training and is taught from day one to always look for unsafe areas so improvement can be made. We have come a long way from the 5-staff member MUA when I once began, as of today, we have 11 dedicated employees, several new buildings, and an overall MUA goal for protecting our environment and rate payers.

I welcome you to stop in and say hello or look around at all the amazing things happening at your MUA.

Best wishes,

Christopher M. Whalen

Licensed Operator/Superintendent