About the MUA

The Authority, a public body corporate and politic of the state of New Jersey, was created by virtue of Ordinance No. 8-1975 duly adopted in January 1975 by the Township Council of the Township of Logan. The Authority was created for the purpose of construction and operating a sanitary sewage system, for the proper collection and treatment of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.

The Authority's Water Reclamation Facility can treat 2,000,000 gallons per day of wastewater from Logan Township & portions of Woolwich Township. About 25 % of the wastewater comes from industrial sources; the remaining 75 % comes from commercial and residential sources.

The sludge generated from the Authority's water reclamation facility biological treatment process is disposed of by incineration at the Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority.

Provisions of these wastewater services play a major role in protecting public health, wildlife and the environment of Logan Township and portions of Woolwich Township. It also provides an essential role in supporting existing and attracting new commercial and industrial enterprises to both Townships.