Project Updates

Facility Improvements and Effluent Force Main Replacement Project

The purpose of the project is to replace components of the Logan Township Municipal Utilities Authority's (LTMUA) wastewater treatment and conveyance system, which have reached the end of their useful service life and need to be replaced to ensure reliable performance as follows:

  • The existing effluent force main from the LTMUA's Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), located on Jefferson Lane, to a junction chamber just upstream of the outfall that the LTMUA shares with Valtris Specialty Chemicals.
  • The existing effluent pumps at the WRF.
  • The existing headworks facility at the WRF.
  • Pump Station (PS) No. 12, which conveys a portion of the LTMUA's influent wastewater to the WRF.

In addition, resiliency improvements will be made to Jefferson Lane to alleviate water overtopping the roadway, prevent flooding-related damage, and provide reliable access to the WRF.