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Have you ever wondered what happens to the water when you flush the toilet, drain the sink water, or run the washing machine? It comes to us, your Municipal Utilities Authority. When the wastewater leaves your home, it flows down a common sewer pipe on your property, out to the sanitary sewer main, which is usually located under the street. Once the wastewater enters the sewer main, it flows with gravity to one of our 12 pump stations. The Authority has (8) sub-pump stations and (4) main pump stations. The pump stations pump the wastewater directly to our plant. Once the wastewater has reached the plant, it is biologically treated, with NO chemicals, and is disinfected with ultraviolet light. Once the water is treated to our NJDEP permit regulation, it is then pumped to the Delaware River. The treatment process requires the MUA to employ highly trained technicians, making sure we meet all NJDEP permit regulations 365 days per year!

Click here to see the rate schedule for current rates for Logan Twp.

Logan Twp. MUA has one of the lowest rates in Gloucester County for sewer service. To keep the rates low, please be mindful of what goes down the sewer main.

Click here for access to all resident forms including the New Owner or Tenant Form, Discount Forms for Senior Citizens, Veterans, or Permanently Disabled, and E-Billing Enrollment Form to receive your bill via e-mail.

We are always available, and happy to answer any questions you may have regarding payments, accounts, and what does and does not go down the drain.